Our Story

SafeWorkPro was founded with one broad objective in mind: to make Australian businesses more competitive through quicker, safer and compliant risk management. We share this passion for safety with our partners at Cole Contracting - finalists in the Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014.

To understand how SafeWorkPro was developed, you must first understand the story of Cole Contracting - an electrical contractor that has been servicing South East Queensland for over 17 years. During these years of dedicated service, Cole Contracting began to face serious productivity issues when it came to the management of their risk assessments. These industry standard forms are required under Australia’s workplace health and safety laws but involve out-dated and time consuming paperwork. As a bottleneck of risk assessments began to build up, Cole Contracting noticed hours worth of its backend management’s time was spent writing, organising and filing these forms every week. Moreover, the duplication of safety information, the need for constant consultation between staff and management, and the time it takes to update old risk

assessments, meant workers were spending more time completing paperwork and less time on the job. Wasted time equals wasted money and in the highly competitive construction industry, productivity is a factor no business can afford to neglect.

So Cole Contracting decided to tech up, and in conjunction with our team of expert software developers, two goals were established:

1: Increase productivity by reducing the time-cost associated with risk assessment paperwork.

2: Increase workplace safety by ensuring workers have instant access to detailed OHS information.

The result was SafeWorkPro and almost instantly Cole Contracting experienced three major benefits.

1: Quicker Risk Assessments

Workplace safety does not need to come at the cost of productivity. SafeWorkPro’s easy to use features are available on any smartphone or tablet, be it iOS or Android. It works by converting safe work method statements (SWMS), risk assessment matrices and the risk assessment form itself, into an automated digital document. For Cole Contracting this meant that instead of carrying folders of paperwork to every job, workers simply use their smartphone to complete the same task. Unlike the traditional paper-based method, SafeWorkPro allows workers to complete the risk assessment process quicker without undermining safe work practices. To see exactly how much time SafeWorkPro saved Cole Contracting, check out this case study.

2: Safer Working Environments

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act determines that all construction businesses are required to produce a safe work method statement (SWMS) for every job that involves high risk construction work. SWMS must be accompanied by a risk assessment that identifies potential hazards and outlines what control measures will be implemented. This is an important stage of the risk assessment process and one that should not be overlooked, so it was with this in mind that SafeWorkPro was designed to ensure these crucial aspects of the risk assessment process are strengthened rather than diminished. The result of this approach was an automated process that draws on the experience of co-workers to build a catalogue of risk assessment options. Now at Cole Contracting, workers can use the saved SWMS and control measures implemented in previous risk assessments on other similar jobs. This way the duplication involved with writing new risk assessments is removed while previously used safety practices are improved upon with every job. 

3: Compliant Business Workflows

Compliance with the WHS Act involves extensive filing and record keeping. Businesses are required to keep records of every risk assessment in order to indicate compliance with OHS regulations. SafeWorkPro makes this process easier with an intuitive system that allows business managers to monitor the risk level associated with each job. This means business insights are delivered to managers in real time, giving them greater power to efficiently allocate resources. Furthermore the completed risk assessment is stored as a pdf file, meaning that proving potential compliance with health and safety regulations is as easy as sending an email. In the case of Cole Contracting, SafeWorkPro allowed staff at the office to manage 12 workers across 30 locations with an unprecedented level of efficiency. As Cole Contracting's boss Steve Cole said, “backend management has disappeared. That’s it in a nutshell”.