Before your team can start using SafeWorkPro you will need to do some setup. The setup includes:

  • Creating your staff members so they can access SafeWorkPro,
  • Uploading your documents about safety procedures,
  • Optionally, creating the regular sites that your staff work.

Don't worry if you don't have any safety documents yet. You can still use SafeWorkPro without them. However, you are advised to start working on them as soon as possible and we have a bunch of resources available to assist you.


Staff complies all of the information about each employee who will use SafeWorkPro. By being entered in the system, your staff are able to access the application and begin learning how to use the system. It is a requirement that there is at least one registered staff member for the system to be able to work effectively.
1. Login to your SafeWorkPro site as instructed in your welcome email. Alternatively, instructions can be found here.
2. To reach the administration pages, you will need to access the Backend of the site. Click on the Backend button that can be found in the top left corner after you have logged in.
3. Use the same menu in the top left corner. Head to Plugins> Safework > Staff
4. Click the Create new Staff button and fill out their details. Please ensure that their email address is correct as they will be sent a welcome email similar to yours including their password.

Safe Work Method Statements (Optional)

Uploading your SWMS's is optional and you can still use SafeWorkPro without them. However, it is a legislative requirement that you do have them so we recommend you start developing your SWMS's. Have a look over here for a helping hand.
1. Make sure you are logged in and in the administration pages as described in steps 1 and 2 in the section above.
2. Click Plugins > Safework > Safety Document 
3. Click the Create Safety Document button.
4. Upload your SWMS's. It is best if you upload then as PDF document for better viewing online. If you have the in Word format, open them in Word and save them as a PDF.

Sites (Optional)

The sites are the locations where your staff work. It is a good idea to add in the regular work sites so they can be more easily selected when filling out a risk assessment. Staff can add sites while they are out and about on the job so the sites you create here do not have to be exhaustive.
1. Make sure you are logged in and in the administration pages as described in steps 1 and 2 in the section above.
2. In the menu found in the top left corner, click the Plugins > Safework > Site.
3. Click the Create Site button.