Safe Work Method Statement Template Free: Get yours today!

by Steve Cole, Sep 17, 2014

Are you looking for a safe work method statement template free to download? Thats great! As it is time for you to improve your health and safety process. Safe work method statements are important for all safety in construction. Here is a method statement template free download. Go for it! A full list of resources can be found over here.

What is a SWMS? First up, its an acronym for Safe Work Method Statement. It is used as a safety document to make sure that construction workers avoid hazards and risks in the workplace by conducting themselves safely. Safe Work Australia is responsible for the legislation surrounding SWMS's and they have produced a guide called the Model Code of Practice. This is a summary that is aimed at you and I so we can understand the actual regulations and safety act. Don't run for the hills yet! The old school paper-based process is a complete nightmare. It's time for you to tech-up!


Time is money. If you can save time then you are saving money. It is obvious that using software is faster than paper and has many benefits that go along with it. We conducted a case study on an electrical contracting business of 12 employees and we found out that they were spending up to $32k per year on the risk assessment and SWMS's paper-based process. That is a large amount of money for any business.